Returns Beyond Expectations: HUBS MBA

When I joined Hull University Business School (HUBS) to study for a Master in Business Administration (MBA), I had two objectives in mind:  Expand my business knowledge and expand my professional network.  That was it; nothing more, nothing less.  Now, when I have reflected on my journey after completing the MBA, I have realized that the returns I received from HUBS MBA are “Returns Beyond Expectations.”  This blog article is intended to help me in reflecting on my experience, serve as an inspiration to others and pay a tribute to HUBS.  Now, let me share with you some of the returns I received from HUBS MBA.


Becoming a published author.Getting a distinction on my dissertation made me think: “Shall I keep my dissertation on the shelf and forget about it or shall I capitalize on it?”  I consulted few friends and they recommended that I publish it as a book and offered to introduce me to a publisher.  The rest is history as they say.  Now, the book is available  in local bookstores in Bahrain (You can find more information about the book at:  This experience was fascinating and taught me that publishing books is not as difficult as I thought.  Currently, I am writing two more books.  The first one is entitled:  3 Weeks With God (  The second one is: Your World-Class Speech Coach in a Book.


My Upcoming Book: 3 Weeks With God: My Pilgrimage to Makkah


My Upcoming Book on Speaking: Your World Class Speech Coach in a Book, How to Deal with 21 Real Life Speaking Situations with Full Confidence

Becoming a speaker.After publishing the book, I started receiving invitations to speak about IR at conferences in Bahrain and beyond.  My best experience was at the Investors Conference in April 2010 when the publisher of the Bahrain Banker Magazine approached me.  He told me:  “This is my business card, can I get yours.  I want you to write an article for my magazine.”  To my delight, I was not only paid for the article but I also felt like a celebrity because they sent me an expensive professional photographer to take some pictures of me!  Now, I am involved at more conferences beyond the subject of IR.  Recently, I was the master of ceremonies for Dr. John Gray’s Mars and Venus Seminar in Bahrain.  It was a lot of fun!


With Dr. John Gray author of Men are from Mars, Women From Venus. With us another Hull University Business School graduate; Mr. Ghaleb Al-Oraibi, Managing Director of Leaders Training & Development Institute.

Getting more publicity.By becoming a writer and a speaker, I received a great amount of publicity in the media.  In 2011, I received an invitation to appear on a radio talk show to discuss the subject of my book (IR).  The show lasted for two hours.  It was a great opportunity to promote the book.  I am expected to appear on a morning TV Show on national TV in April 2013.  What’s next? Who knows!

An expanded professional network.  As I highlighted above, one of my objectives in joining the HUBS MBA program was to expand my professional network.  It surely did.  For example, I met Mr. Ahmed Al-Banna who is a HUBS MBA graduate who runs an event management company.   Few months ago, I partnered with him to co-manage an upcoming event on Productivity & Leadership Strategy by becoming the Conference Chairman and one of the promoters of the event.  I am expecting to expand my connections greatly by being involved in the event.  In addition, it is one way of getting more publicity.  I am expecting more press coverage and I have already appeared on a TV Show promoting the event. Yes, I had my 15 minutes of fame!

Appearing on a TV Show to promote the Productivity Conference.

Appearing on a TV Show to promote the Productivity Conference.

Obtaining professional designations.When I finished HUBS MBA, I started looking for other professional designations to improve my professional profile.  The first one on my radar was becoming a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) in the UK.  I successfully met all the requirements for becoming a Fellow thanks to my work experience and HUBS MBA.  Having an MBA exempted me from undertaking further studies with ILM.  After becoming a Fellow of ILM, I became a Chartered Manager, which is the highest membership level bestowed by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) using a similar assessment process to that of the ILM.  Now, I am one of only three Chartered Managers in Bahrain.

ILM edited CMI Logo

Becoming a CMI Lecturer.After becoming a CMI Chartered Manager, a professional connection introduced me to the CMI Programs Manager in Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance to teach CMI Modules.  So far, I have taught two modules, and I am scheduled to teach four more modules in 2013.  Lecturing not only helps in paying for my son Abdulla’s Pampers but also helps in expanding my professional network, because the students come from different backgrounds and different walks of life.  For example, someone connected me with banker in Bahrain Development Bank for some potential financing for my Doctorate level education.

Establishing a consulting practice.  It is has been always my dream to start my own consulting practice; having HUBS MBA was my ticket to do that.  To gain a consulting license from the Ministry of Commerce in Bahrain, you must have a higher degree.  With HUBS MBA, that was taken care of.  I established a speech coaching company with the trade name: 3D Speaking.  This is the place where I coach aspiring speakers to become 3D Speakers, speakers who speak to the mind, touch the hearts and tickle the funny bones of any audience.  You can find more about it at:

3DS Logo

There you have it.  These are some of the returns I received I after I have finished my HUBS MBA.  I was truly delighted because they were “Returns Beyond Expectations.”

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