Every Thing Happens for a Reason (#Hajj)

When was the last time you heard this statement:

Everything Happens for a Reason !

I have heard it and said it so many times.  In my previous post I talked about our delay in the Hajj Terminal due to three reasons.  Do you remember them? They are the following: The Immigration Process, the Baggage Collection and the reason for writing this post; the missing passengers.

I was talking to a Pilgrim about my post and I mentioned that we learned how to be patient because of the delay.  He retorted:  This is not all, there is another thing you need to know and write about “Everything happens for a reason.”  I asked him what do you mean and he told me this beautiful story.

When we realized that we have missing passengers, we did the following.  We asked all female Pilgrims to sit down and don’t go anywhere.  The male pilgrims were divided into three groups:  the search group, the baggage group and the men in the middle group monitoring the Terminal exit and the women.

The baggage group went along with the large bags trolley to the buses area to make sure no one takes anything from the trolley.  While they were waiting for the rest of us, a Persian man who looked very anxious, perplexed and tired, his cloths were trenched by sweat, jumped on the trolley and dove into the bags.  The Bahraini Pilgrims stopped him and he started talking in Persian, no one understood anything … He jumped again into the bags and pulled one bag that had a name tag on it … in Persian … so the Pilgrims realized his bags were put to our trolley by mistake.  He then pulled three more bags belonging to his wife and daughter!

Now, imagine what would happen if we did not encounter the delay? Put yourself in his shoes, what would you do?

It would be a complete disaster! No money, no cloths, no nothing!

I could relate to him easily.  Last night, I lost my back up wallet.  Let me explain, whenever I travel, I take two wallets, I spilt my money, ID and Credit cards in them.  Last night, I thought I lost the backup wallet which ironically has a bigger sum of money.  I was annoyed.  Not about the money, but the possible consequences of my Credit and ATM cards abuse or in a worse scenario a possible identity theft. 

I felt relieved when I found it today.  I felt happy.  Can you imagine how the Persian family felt when they found their baggage?

Do you know why I wrote this post? Yes, you are right:

Everything Happen for a Reason !


About Mohamed Isa

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One Response to Every Thing Happens for a Reason (#Hajj)

  1. Jawad Hayat says:

    I am delivering an 8 to 10 minute speech tomorrow in the Bahrain Advanced Toastmasters show…Its about how to uplift the spirit…..The speech is almost the same…….but my nose accident….

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