Two simple ideas to change your life …

The Prophet Mohamed – Peace Be Upon Him & His Family & Companions – once said: “Seek knowledge from the cradle until the grave”

In the past, people who could not read were called illiterates,

In present, people who cannot use computers are called illiterates.

What about the future, what would be the criteria for being an illiterate?

Whatever that might be … I don’t want be called … illiterate.

What about you do you want to be called illiterate?

That’s why all of us should seek more and more knowledge all the time until we rest in peace in our graves.

You should be committed to Lifelong Learning.

The world is changing all the time … everyday you hear new words:

Global warming, globalization and … googlaization!

The world is shifting from paper to paperless.

One change all of us experience is the introduction of Microsoft Office new versions.

Did you try the latest version?

… It is amazing, it is more user-friendly, it has more functionalities

… be honest with yourself …

Which is better to copy-paste two thousand letters you want to send to your clients? And then change the names and addresses manually? Or learn how to make Word functions do it for you in a matter of seconds?  I use mail-merge all the time to save time and efforts.

In this post you will pick up two ideas that will help you in integrating Lifelong Learning to your life.

Idea Number One:

It comes from Robin Sharma, the internationally renowned speaker, executives coach and author.  His idea is simply this: get up earlier by one hour.  You could use this hour to learn more about your profession, a language or a computer skill.  I know this idea is challenging especially in winter.  Who on earth would get up from his warm bed and blanket in the winter to read a book or to learn a new skill.

Only 3% of people can do this.

Only people who have big audacious goals in their life.

Only people who want to make a difference.

Many of the successful people I know use this technique and some of them are millionaires because of it.

So if you want to join them … act like them … Today not tomorrow!

If you implement this simple idea … you will add 15 learning days to your life annually.

And remember this important fact …

I personally benefited a lot from this idea.  For example, I wrote my MBA dissertation in these fine hours.  There is nothing like it.  The house is quiet, everyone is asleep.  No one will interrupt you or break your thoughts-chain and rest assured:

No one will send you a Blackberry Message!

When you die, hopefully after a long life, you will have a plenty of time to sleep.

If idea number one can be implemented by only 3% of people,

I believe idea number two can be implemented by everyone.

All of you can apply this idea to integrate Lifelong learning to your life.

Idea number two:

This idea is simply this – Invest your commuting time.

I have been doing this since 2001 and it worked wonders for me.

You could improve your English.

You could pick up a new foreign language.

You could stay updated on the recent developments in your profession.

You need to invest in an mp3 player or a smart phone and then connect it to your car audio system.

Assuming you are lucky and don’t encounter traffic jams … your daily total commuting time is 40 minutes and each lecture is 60 minutes,

On a yearly basis, you will be able to listen to around 170 lectures on your chosen subjects.

Long time ago and after a heavy lunch with my cousin and longtime friend Abdulla, we sat in the living room chatting about the Golden days when we were kids.  We were laughing very loud at the many pranks we performed together at the expense of others.  We remembered the days when we went to Manama Souq for trivial reasons like eating spicy Samoosa and then cooling off with Strawberry milk!  Then, we talked about the Big Blue Bus Days or the days we spent in University of Bahrain.

We used to take the Big Blue Bus every day to go to University.  Every day we spent anywhere between two to three hours in the bus chatting and laughing about different things.

I asked Abdulla:

Imagine if we did not chat during the bus commute and instead we listened to educational programs for the 4.5 years we spent in University of Bahrain?

He kept quiet for sometime.  I guess he silence said it all.

I wish I implemented this idea earlier in my life but as we always say: It is never too late.

Well, these are just two ideas to integrate Lifelong Learning to your life.

I hope you make the best use of these simple yet pragmatic ideas.

Finally, please keep in mind that, Smart, Intelligent and Ambitious people like you always integrate Lifelong Learning to their lives because they are fully aware that ignorance is very expensive and does not pay dividends in the future.

That’s why they seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.


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