I need HELP …

My phone rang …

Although I knew this gentleman for years and met him in numerous occasions, I did not expect to receive a call from him at this time. I picked the phone and warmly greeted him: Hello brother Mohammed.  I am delighted to receive a call from you.

After the chatting for a bit, he said: “I know you are busy man, so I will cut it short.  I need your help.”  I wondered what kind of help he needs.

“I need your help to finish one of my course assignments” he said. Without hesitation I replied: “sure, what kind of help do you need?” In normal conditions, I would have said “no” because I am usually busy with so many things.  I like to keep my plate full to feel productive and get the sense of achievement.  At the time of his call, I was not only busy preparing for an important speech in Jordan but also I had severe pain in my back, chest and stomach and I was on medications as well as on physiotherapy program.

However, for Mohammed I would do anything.

Let me explain why.

On my wedding night, we held the wedding reception in one of the public halls in Bahrain.  In our traditions, once the reception is over, the bridegroom is followed well-wishers to his house in a march where they chant, clap and sing for him; in a way, preparing him for the BIG NIGHT!

Once I left the hall, I found out that my sandals were gone, they vanished, the bridegroom’s sandals have magically disappeared!

Mohammed came to me and said: “What’s the matter? Why aren’t you moving?” I told him my sandals are gone! He retorted: “no worries, here, take mine.” And I accepted. Once I wore them I realized how big his feet were! Wearing the traditional Arab dress, Thoob, with Beshet, the cloth usually worn by VIPs and Royals, and big sandals was the perfect recipe for falling on my face.  Thank God I did not fall on that night.

Back to the phone call.

What kind of assignment is this? I asked.  He explained the assignment was on Operations Management and he needed to hammer out some answers to some questions regarding a case study.  I gave him my email and then I received the requirements from him.

It was my time to help him and pay back my dues when I badly needed help on my wedding night.

It took me two days before I started working on the assignment because of my back pain. I drafted some quick answers to inspire him to finish the assignment and sent it across to him.

I called him to tell him that I sent my draft responses to his email and here lies the pleasant surprise.  I asked: By the way, what is the program you are doing? He replied:

This is one of the courses of my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.  I have few more courses to finish it off.  Then, I plan to do an MBA as well.

At this time, my admiration for Mohammed grew exponentially! Here is a man who graduated from high school long time ago, married, lives in his parents’ house, was made redundant by his company few months ago, with various responsibilities on his shoulders and yet he went back to University to attain a Business Administration Degree!  Others in his position may say: “why bother”, “I am too old, what difference would it make” or “why waste time and money.”

What an inspiring man!

What an amazing man!

What an incredible man!

I got very curious, so I asked him: When did you finish high school? He replied: 1989.

Let me do the math for you, we are in 2011 and he finished in 1989, so we are talking about a gap of 22 years!

Friends, if you are looking for a flame of inspiration and a flame of hope, think about my friend Mohammed.  He is living proofs that: Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY.

Mohammed is like Muhammad Ali, the Greatest Boxer of All Times, he believes:


All your dreams are within your reach.  All you need to do is reach out for them and if you can’t reach them alone … all you need is to shout … I need help!

About Mohamed Isa

Financial Executive, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Speech Coach
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4 Responses to I need HELP …

  1. elham says:

    salam brother, nice to read your inspiring words after a long.
    this was what masuad used to repeat at the night of my univ exams: “Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY and never lose the hope … .”
    Btw Muhammad’s story reminded me of my mother, she has the same experience.

  2. Rafiq says:

    Inspiring. Sometimes we live on reasons. Reasons for not doing this not doing that. Its hard to find a reason to do something. I gave up an opportunity to pursue my PHD just because i thought i didnt have the time for it. Good post brother Isa. Keep blogging

  3. Abu Dana, why did you help in the assignment? he should do it on his own and then you edit for him. It doesn’t matter when to start your studies, life is too short anyway, so even if he started his BSC after 22 years he is on track. i started my masters after 33 years, struggled a bit but then was back to normal. of course I am not saying that I don’t admire him, I admire everyone who studies, and we should push everyone to do it, life is not worth it if we do not explore knowledge.

  4. Mohammed says:

    First I would like to thank you a lot regarding your help and I appreciate that from your side.

    Second really I am surprised that you still remember that incident which happened to you specially in you wedding day. I forgot it.

    You helped me because I did favor for you in your wedding day so if I did not do that you will not helped me just a joke hhhhhhhhh.

    I would thank you a lot because your help. I requested this favor from you because I know that you are the expert and the first person that came to my mind on that day.

    As they say: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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