The Snooze Button

Please answer this question with complete honesty and frankness.

It is a simple question with yet some profound implications on your life.

When was the last time you hit “Snooze Button” in your phone or alarm clock?

I am referring to that moment when you feel so tired and so warm in bed especially in Winter. You planned to wake up at, say, 6am but now, you keep on hitting the “Snooze Button” constantly.  You tell yourself; just 5 more minutes and I’ll get out of bed, just 5 more minutes. Suddenly, you realize it is very late and you are going to miss something important like a business meeting, a job interview or worse, a flight!

Come on, be honest, didn’t you experience that? How did you feel? How did the rest of the day unfold? Did you notice all the traffic lights were red; did you encounter more traffic jams? Did you have a good day or a bad one?

What about in your life? Did you hit the “Snooze Button” for some of your dreams or goals? Did you keep saying “I’ll start tomorrow, next week, next month or perhaps next year?”

I did, so many times. I postponed marching to many life goals. The “Snooze Button” held me back big time.

For example, I was supposed to sit for the Certified Public Accountant Exams in USA in November 2001 but I kept hitting the “Snooze Button” very often because I felt I wasn’t ready.  The real problem was that I kept delaying my exam preparation (I kept saying tomorrow, next week and next month) and did not have the courage to register for the exams. I still regret those days.

In 2002, I registered for the exams early on to be more committed for my studies and to set my mind to nailing the exams. However, in May 2002, I sat for the exams but I failed all the four papers thanks to hitting the “Snooze Button” very often.  I took a 4-week leave to study but I only studied for 2 days!  I hate thinking back to those days; they bring a ton of fury and frustration.

In 2003, I thought enough is enough; I must sit for the exams and pass them all.  It is time to move on. I lowered the number of hits to the “Snooze Button”, I was more committed, I prepared more.

In February 2004, I received my results envelope for Colorado, USA.  I looked at the envelope for a while.  I thought will this be good news or bad news.  I slowly opened the envelope.

It read like this:

“Dear MR ISA

On behalf of the Colorado State Board of Accountancy, we congratulate you on passing all sections of the CPA Uniform Examination …”  

I passed all the exams with flying colors! I was so happy to the extent I was shouting inside the office, people thought I went bananas!

It is true that I ultimately passed but there is a big difference between passing in 2001 and 2004 in terms of promotions, perks and prestige.

Is the “Snooze Button” holding you back from achieving your dreams?  Do you feel frustrated? Do you feel furious? Do you think you should have achieved more things in your life?

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, all I could say to you:

It is the time to remove the “Snooze Button” button from the keyboard of your life.

It is the time to move on!

Go out and get your dreams!

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